Helsinki Shipyard Oy and Vodohod Ltd sign a contract for 2 Luxury Cruise Expedition Vessels

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Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Oy is now Helsinki Shipyard Oy

On May 20 Algador Holdings Ltd has signed an acquisition agreement with Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Oy for 100% of shares of Helsinki Shipyard.

With this transaction all the shipyard business of Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Oy has been transferred to Helsinki Shipyard Oy. Helsinki Shipyard continues its operation, expertise and long traditions with its experienced crew.

We have been here already since year 1865…

Helsinki Shipyard Oy is located in the capital of Finland and specializes in shipbuilding technology and building of special vessels for demanding conditions and routes. The shipyard has a long tradition and unmatched expertise in designing and building of icebreakers and other high ice-class vessels for operations in cold environment. In addition to the arctic know-how, our specialization covers also passenger ferries and cruise ships.


Management                                                   Sales

Carl-Gustaf Rotkirch                                     Markku Kajosaari
CEO                                                                Sales & Business Development

+358 10 622 20                                               +358 10 622 2368
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Procurement                                                   Communications

Pekka Jussila                                                Eija Oraviita-Kaiku
Procurement Manager

+358 10 622 20                                              +358 50 5912 499
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Safety mindset
At Arctech we design and implement products and services in the shipbuilding process ensuring health, safety, and environmental aspects.
At Arctech we are not only experienced but also the forerunner in developing and applying technological innovations.
To fulfill our customers’ expectations we cooperate with ship owners and operators to develop the best solutions.