• Delivery : 2016
  • Length : 110 m
  • Breadth : 24 m
  • Propulsion : 19 MW

Arctech Helsinki Shipyard built the new Finnish icebreaker. The ship was built for the Finnish Transport Agency who handed the vessel over to Arctia Oy.The new icebreaker features the highest technology and has been designed especially for the demanding icebreaking operations in the Baltic Sea.

The vessel will be able to move continuously through about 1.6 m thick level ice, to break a 25 meter wide channel in 1.2 meter thick ice at speed of 6 knots, as well as to reach 9-11 knots of average assistance speed in the Baltic Sea. In open water the service speed will be minimum 16 knots.

The main purpose for the vessel is icebreaking. The icebreaker will independently be able to perform oil spill response operations and emergency towing under demanding conditions at open sea both in winter and summer, and will therefore operate all year round to ensure safe seaborne transports in the Baltic Sea. The vessel is able to operate in temperatures as cold as -30°С.

The icebreaker will be powered by both diesel and LNG, i.e. liquefied natural gas, which reduces both emissions and fuel costs. The icebreaker will be the first LNG-powered icebreaker in the world.

The vessel will fulfill the international IMO Tier III emission standards, and the special requirements for sulphur emissions in the Baltic Sea. The vessel has been designed according to the zero emission principle, which means that no waste or polluting substance will be discharged in the sea. All solid and liquid waste will be stored on board and unloaded ashore. The double hull arrangement protects all the vital tanks on board. Concept design for the icebreaker has been made by Aker Arctic Technology Inc. and ILS Ltd. The ship was delivered in 2016.

Main Particulars
Length: 110 m
Breadth: 24.4 m
Draught, design: 8 m
Speed: 17 kn
Gross Tonnage: 9300
Deadweight: 3000 t
Crew: 16 (+8)
Classification: Lloyd’s Register
Ice class: PC4
Diesel-electric propulsion
Main engines Wärtsilä 2x 6000 kW, 2x 4500 kW, 1x 1280 kW, Dual fuel
Azimuth prop. units ABB Azipod 2x 6500 kW (stern), 1 x 6000 kW (bow)
LNG tanks: 2 x 400 m3
Oil recovery capacity: 1400 m3
Towing winch: 300 m, 110 t
Bollard pull: 214 t
Icebreaking capability 3.5 kn / 1.8 m
Customer: Finnish Transport Agency

Video: Building of icebreaker Polaris

  • Polaris
  • Icebreaker
  • Delivery : -
  • Length : -
  • Breadth : -
  • Propulsion: -
  • Delivery : 2016
  • Length : 110 m
  • Breadth : 24 m
  • Propulsion : 19 MW
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